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Trmal´s villa was build by a great architect – founder of Czech modern architecture – Jan Kotera.
Jan Kotera studies in Otto Wagner´s atelier in Vienna, where he graduated in 1896. After his graduation he traveled around Europe and made his Grand tour to Italy and Rome, which fascinated him and later wrote about this voyage, that his memories on Italy are filled with beauty and sentiment.
Jan Kotera came to Prague, where he sarted to teach at Academy of Art, Design and Architecture, which was found by Franz Josef II. to equalize artistic level of design and industry. Jan Kotera became soon very famous architect and got large projects. One of his first projects were situated in a city block – Peterka´s house at the Wenceslas square in Prague (1901) and Citizen house in Hradec Kralove (1902-4). Peterka´s house was a shock, no one expected a house with large glass spaces in the parter and walls with free, pure and decorated space together.

After 1902 Jan Kotera has built several family houses, three of them were realized. Macha´s house in Bechyne, Fröhlich´s villa in Cernosice and Trmal´s villa in Prague – Strasnice. Trmal´s villa is the smallest one and the one with most rustic decoration. With the rustically inspired decorations and ornaments Trmal´s villa is equal to other unrealized projects from these times – Kramar´s villa on Krym and Peisker´s villa in Borohradek.
Trmal´s villa was situated in a tradition of Victorian countryside house, inspired by work of C. F. Voysey – Kotera was well introduced to Arts and Crafts movement, he actually promoted their ideas in Czech lands. First floor was divided to representative usage – large dining room and small lounge. In the first floor was a kitchen and small room for service, as well. Second floor under the roof was planned for bedrooms and a small bathroom. The house is very well connected with the garden – originally there were 3 entrances, one to the representative part, on to the relaxation and useful part and the third one to the entrance part. The basic concept of the garden was designed by Jan Kotera as well and in general was renovated after 1990. In the renovation of the garden we try to continue.
The house was built for Frantisek Trmal, middle class citizen, teacher and high school director. He wanted to move to Prague, because his two brothers had already lived here. Soon after the house was finished Trmal´s family soled the house in 1911 to Walek family, who did some little changes, the most significant was building up the terrace to a winter garden. Frontal facade lost its deepness and plasticity.

After the second world war the house came into the ownership of the state and in the house was situated musical school, thats why no original furniture has preserved. After the revolution in 1989 the house was devolved into the ownership of Prague 10 and the quarter initiated renovation, conservation and rented the house to art agency FOIBOS, who created here since 1999 a unique house museum with expositions, lectures, book shop and school lectures services.


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